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Rod Stewart – Foot Loose & Fancy Free (1977)

Posted in: August 27, 2010

Rod Stewart - Foot Loose & Fancy Free (1977)
Rod Stewart – Foot Loose & Fancy Free (1977)
Rock | EAC Rip | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log | MP3 CBR 320Kbps | 8 Tracks
Covers Included | Warner Bross | 3092-2 | USA | ~273 + 109 Mb | HF, FileSonic
Kicking off with the swagger and machismo of one of the quintessential 70\’s anthems, "Hot Legs", FOOT LOOSE AND FANCY FREE is a blistering joyride, a swaggering period piece that,like all of Rod\’s best work, immerses itself in the prevalent style of the time– by 1977, funk-tinged rock was all therage, and FOOT LOOSE is a carnival of wah-wah guitars ("You\’re Insane"), epic arrangements ("You Just Keep Me Hanging On"), and unabashed earnestness (the nostalgic and confessional "I Was Only Joking".) FOOT LOOSE\’s greatest contribution to the Stewart canon has to be "You\’re In My Heart", a timely, sensitive classic that stirs in just enough breathy whimsy to its strangely down-home feel (bluegrass violins and U.K. football references not being one of your more common pairings in pop music) to create yet another milestone in Stewart\’s varied and timeless career.
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1. Hot Legs (Rod Stewart) – 5:14
2. You\’re Insane (Rod Stewart, Phil Chen) – 4:48
3. You\’re In My Heart (The Final Acclaim) (Rod Stewart) – 4:30
4. Born Loose (Rod Stewart, Jim Cregan, Gary Grainger) – 6:02
5. You Keep Me Hangin\’ On (B. Holland, L.Dozier, E.Holland) – 7:28
6. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don\’t Want to Be Right (Homer Banks, Carl Hampton, Raymond Jackson) – 5:23
7. You Got A Nerve (Rod Stewart, Gary Grainger) – 4:59
8. I Was Only Joking (Rod Stewart, Gary Grainger) – 6:07
Jim Cregan, Gary Grainger, Steve Cropper, Billy Peek, Fred Tackett – guitars
Phil Chen – bass
Carmine Appice – drums
John Jarvis, David Foster, Nicky Hopkins – keyboards
Paulinho Da Costa, Tom Vig – percussion
Phil Kenzie – horns
Richard Greene – violin

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