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Oswalt Kolle: Dein Kind, das unbekannte Wesen (1970)

Posted in: November 16, 2010

Oswalt Kolle: Dein Kind, das unbekannte Wesen (1970)
Oswalt Kolle: Dein Kind, das unbekannte Wesen (1970)
DVDRip | MPEG-4 Visual (XviD) @ 1110 Kbps | 25.00 fps | 560 X 416 | MPEG-1 Audio layer 3 @ 103 Kbps (VBR) | 48.0 KHz 2 Channels | 01:25:04 | 746.01 MB
Country: West Germany | Language: German | Subtitle: None | Genre : Documentary
Contains Nudism | Viewer Discretion is Strongly Advised
Also Known as: Your Child, That Unknown Creature
Children are also people." – with this statement starts Oswalt Kolle the Aufklärungsfilm your child, an unknown creature, the adaptation his first successful book on sexuality and needs of small- and school children and adolescents. To advise dienten him, as in the movies before scientists; here u. A. Prof. Dr. Gerd Biermann, head of the first German Institute for Psychohygiene in Bruehl near Cologne. It will be the topics Sauberkeitsgewöhnung, mental illness and above all: Erziehungsfehler, sexuality and birth dealt with.
It uses Kolle previously in his Aufklärungsfilmen etabliertem Mix of small Interview, short and longer Ratgeberfilmen episodes by his voiceovers barely linked. It is of course again today on a certain Angestaubtheit belustigend part, but partly embarrassing acts these youth in the seaside budding sexuality.

On the North has also Oswalt Kolle velvet verschlagen family and NUDIST beach naked (and, of course, as his family) tells us what he Oswalt Kolle highly subjective Tabuisierung authoritarian education and the sexuality of the parents toward children, namely: nothing. Doktorspiele in childhood are quite naturally, however, the vast scenes with Off-comments, almost pädophil. With his teenage children are naturist Kolle then all the wisdom to understand, even today parents face Schamesröte spells. And that is what this movie so embarrassing: Price given wisdom to we should also have to sleep" and feelings for the Onanie is not harmful" effect today plenty of course, so it is difficult in the backward sexual morality of the late sixties and early 1970s einzufühlen..
Perhaps Kolle exactly for that reason, a minutenlange real birth scene in his Film integrated. But one wonders what it on the Enttabuisierung of Geburtsvorganges also with the meticulous show Kindergebärens with Nachgeburt including stitching of the dam for a message. Between the awareness of a more open approach to sexuality in general, including against their own children, the demand for equal treatment of children without authority (also is there an embarrassing Episode, when a father in the Restaurant and towing his car an even greater authority benefited) and arbitrators provocation is only a narrow ridge, Oswalt Kolle here does not hit.
This is your child, an unknown creature is inconsistent. In the Episode at the holiday from a group of young people in the North Sea, a tour guide monitored, ruled the Verklemmtheit Gehaltlosigkeit and the first Report films. Much naked flesh, but little explicit and sensual get to see only to end the message, that a change of sexual morality finally completed, and young people can finally widely from their parents the right to free development of their sexuality that they deserve.
Kolles message he wants to communicate with this largely biederen, episodenhaften Aufklärungsfilm is clear: children also needs, a sexuality and adult desires, on the deal(t)s, so you can deal with this issue psychologically normal. However, some reißerischen, partly dramaturgisch arg deficit and sometimes things subjetivity diskutablen funds at least this incompletely drafted Mix of Erziehungsratgeber, documentation and Erotikfilm rather questionable. Good wanted, badly made and today with a only limited information content only under zeitgeschichtlichen aspects, and for Trash-friends interesting.



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