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Teach Yourself Speed Reading

Posted in: August-11-2008

speed reading

  Speed reading is about reading (and being able to recall) more written information in less time. Teach Yourself Speed Reading is a practical guide to effective speed reading. It includes tools and information on a variety of reading and

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Hacking Windows XP – Increase PC Performance

Posted in: August-10-2008

hacking windows xp

This is a comprehensive guide on how to hack Windows XP to increase performance, security and even to customise the way it looks and how it starts An example would be customising the startup, speed up system boot, how to protect your comput

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Creating a Web Site with Flash

Posted in: August-08-2008

creating a flash site

Face it: Poorly designed, static Web sites just dont cut it anymore. The Web (not to mention the technology surrounding it) has been around long enough, and people have grown accustomed enough to dealing with it, that folks want (and expect

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Kama Sutra – Ancient Indian Illustrated Handbook (eBook)

Posted in: August-06-2008

kama sutra

83 pages with illustrations PDF format Kama Sutra takes you back to an India where sexuality was an integral part of life and an avenue to spiritual bliss. As Devadatta Shastri says in his commentary: At the moment when the peak of bliss is

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