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The Maypole - Falling Angels (2008)

Posted in: May 09, 2011

The Maypole - Falling Angels (2008)
The Maypole - Falling Angels (2008)
EAC-FLAC-TRACKS + CUE + LOG : 275 MB | MP3-320 : 130 MB | Scans Included
Progressive Rock | Gear Fab: GF-232
This is the second album by Maypole, which consists of studio sessions recorded in Miami from 1971-1974, which have never been released before. 53 minutes of hard driving rock tastefully injected with some nice orchestration.
The album features songs that I wrote in the early 1970's in amidst the chaos of the Vietnam War and the social impact of the war was tearing apart America and the world.My life was in chaos as well. Disco was King and it was hard for any other music to get heard. "The 70's were a pretty hard and interesting time for a lot of people including me.That's when I became an International Minstrel so to speak. I decided that there was no place on Earth that I wouldn't consider traveling to, and playing. To try to spread some good vibes.I ended up in Amsterdam and had some wonderful musical adventures in and around this magic city for much of the 70's period. "River Flow It Away" was recorded live in Amsterdam in 1976. It is a raw recording that demonstrates the energy the group had at the time. My son Tristan was born in Amsterdam at this time.I ended up raising him as a single father.My Mom Faye helped me with that. I took him with me on my travels.He turned out to be a fine man.With some things I have been very blessed.
I did that as best I could and the travels led me to experience some both wonderful and terrifying things about the world.From San Francisco to India, I have played for the people who I found along the way. Many great spirits have I met, who have taught me their own unique kind of wisdom and I soaked it up like a sponge, I am still soaking.Still looking for new places and people to play for. Someday, perhaps we will meet."
01 - Gotta Let Go - 03:48
02 - The Move - 04:11
03 - Got To Talk To You - 03:30
04 - The Dream - 04:04
05 - Searchin - 04:37
06 - Golden Boy - 04:32
07 - One Beat - 04:25
08 - Castle Tower - 04:29
09 - Eyes That See - 05:12
10 - Sunnyside - 03:31
11 - One More Drop - 06:00
12 - River Flow It Away - 04:49


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