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Kindle Master Collection ebooks (mobi, prc)

Posted in: May 13, 2011

Kindle Master Collection ebooks (mobi, prc)


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Total size: 6.92 GB

Kindle MC (Master Collection), All ebooks (mobi/prc) as of 2-25-11, organized.

Kindle MC (Master Collection)

This is a compilation and reorganization of all Kindle ebook collections (7,871 ebooks). I used Bulk Rename Utility to extensively rename files (capitalizing titles, removing meaningless numbers, etc.) and put folders in Lastname, Firstname format (organizing collections by first name is an abomination--would you think to look under 'W' for W. Somerset Maugham? And, yes, I know it's the way Calibre does it, and collectors are just uploading their Calibre Library, but still...). I used Duplicate Cleaner to remove thousands of duplicates. Different versions of the same book may exist as I have not had time to compare different versions and pick the best one. Maybe someone else could do that?

A major feature of this collection is ease of updating. Included is a copy of the folder structure without the files. If you are a collector and add new books to these folders first, then when you upload them, all the downloaders will have to do is a single drag and drop of the updates onto the master collection.

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