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Improve Your Memory 6 edition

Posted in: October 25, 2011



C..rse Te-logy P,TR | 2011 | ISBN: 143546110X | 122 pages | PDF | 2,7 MB
Improve Your Memory (Sixth Edition) introduces the essential principles of memory to increase your ability to retain what you read, perform better on tests, or just remember where you last placed your car keys. This book is perfect for high school students, college students, or anyone seeking to improve his or her memory power. Understand the different kinds of memory and practice the latest techniques and proven formulas that can boost your memory power. Evaluate your memory with the self-quizzes at the beginning of the book to identify areas that require the most improvement. By the time you work your way to the final chapter to perform another round of self-quizzes, you will be amazed at your newly developed memory power.

Want to retain more of what you read, perform better on tests, or just remember where you left your car keys? Author Ron Fry's effective system has helped thousands of people successfully adapt today's best memorization techniques to their own needs and situations. Packed with quizzes designed to pinpoint your specific trouble spots--as well as proven strategies for any memory-based task-- IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY is the only book you need to improve your memory power for a lifetime.

Features of the Sixth Edition of Improve Your Memory:
* This new edition has been completely updated and includes a more modern, easy-to-follow layout.
* Chapter quizzes encourage readers to test their memory and identify areas that need the most improvement.
* Best-selling author Ron Fry offers proven memory retention techniques for students, professionals, or anyone struggling with a specific challenge such as ADD.
* The text examines each memory technique to help readers understand why specific strategies work, and how to use them to do everything from remembering when an assignment is due to performing better on tests and presentations.
* Students can apply the critical memory optimization skills presented in the text both in and out of the classroom, and throughout their lives.


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