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Black & Decker 24 Weekend Projects for Pets

Posted in: March 20, 2012

Black & Decker 24 Weekend Projects for Pets
pdf | 58 MB | English | 161

Dog Houses, Cat Trees, Rabbit Hutches & More
Author: David Griffin
Publisher: Creative Publishing
Year: 2007

Critter condos & pleasure palaces for pets
Most pet owners keep at least two different types of animals-dogs and cats are the most common pairings-and a surprisingly large number keep even more animals. Domestic birds; pet rabbits, mice and other rodents; ferrets, snakes, turtles-some people may even raise a goat or potbellied pig or two. On top of this, most lovers of domestic pets are also are enthusiastic supporters of wildlife. feeding birds and squirrels all winter long, or creating shelters for butterflies, toads, and even bats.
This book provides nearly two dozen ingenious and fun do-it-yourself projects for anyone who loves animals of all types-from lowly bugs to aristocratic purebred show pets. This is a perfect book for parents or grandparents introducing children to the wonders of raising pets and observing wildlife.


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