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3DTotal Ltd. - Bugatti Veyron - Car Modelling Tutorial Series (XSI)

Posted in: December 23, 2011


3DTotal Ltd. - Bugatti Veyron - Car Modelling Tutorial Series (XSI)
81 pages | PDF, GIF | 60.55 Mb

This 81-page tutorial series is an in-depth and comprehensive guide to modeling the amazing Bugatti Veyron car, from start to finish. The tutorial focuses on the key techniques and stages involved in building the chassis, as well as details such as the windows, lights, vents, petrol caps, engine parts and so on. It then moves on to creating the wheels, including tires and hubcaps, before going on to building and incorporating an interior, namely the dashboard and seating. The series continues with a section on creating and applying materials for the numerous parts of the car, such as the paint work, chrome, rubber and glass, before concluding with a section devoted to setting the scene for a finished render. The final part covers the importance of a good lighting rig and light parameters, as well as the importance of a camera and the integral part that the rendering settings play in showcasing the model for a portfolio.

This series aims to show a comprehensive guide to creating a finished car for people new to this type of exercise, but is not suitable for beginners who are not familiar with using 3D software. The tutorials do not detail every single step of adding individual edge loops and vertices, but does endeavor to outline each important stage and explain the crucial techniques to following the exercise.


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